Ce qu’il faut retenir du 2016 Meeker Internet Trends

Year after year, the fastest way to learn everything going on in tech is to read The Mary Meeker report.
But if you don’t have time for clicking all through the 213 slides of the 2016 report (a gold mine!), here are the highlights :

  1. The internet is slowing down

    In the past, the internet economy was affected by macroeconomic trends, but it was external issues like the housing crisis and the financial crisis that were driving the slowdown.
    Now for the first time it is global internet growth itself that is slowing down.

    « Easy growth is behind us… (and) new internet users are going to continue to be harder to find
    « , says Meeker Meeker. Even in China.

  2. Messaging is taking on the home screen

    People spend most of their time in a few apps, particularly messaging apps that are becoming the new home screens and portals.
    Facebook owns the two top messaging apps, while Google is out of the race.

  3. Facebook is going big

    Mobile is fueling digital advertising acceleration, with Facebook growing much faster (59 percent) compared to Google (18 percent) and others (13 percent) from 2014 to 2015.

    Hyper targeting and Intent-based marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are driving growth for brands, who are considering more visual apps (Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram) instead of text-heavy apps like LinkedIn and Twitter.

    The complete presentation can be read here.

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